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Fantasy Football Sleeper Team

By Nathan Castaneda A fantasy championship isn’t won with the number one overall pick, or even your first rounder, it’s won with the late round picks and the waiver wire pick-ups. Every year guys seemingly come out of nowhere to produce monster fantasy numbers. Arian Foster and Mike Vick are great examples from last year. […]

To Pay or Not to Pay, The Great Debate

By Zach Beehler Make no mistake, college athletes get paid. My college education cost roughly $70,000 after adding up the gaudy tuition prices, room and board/rent, textbooks, food, late night Jack in the Box and of course bottles and bottles of Rolling Rock. It costs student athletes roughly the same amount. However, they have some/most/all of their […]

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

The Vick Pick

By Nathan Castaneda With the NFL season fast approaching, it’s time to think about our favorite football hobby, fantasy football. Drafting in the first round is pretty straight forward year in and year out with everyone loading up on the key running backs since they are normally the high scorers and there are so few […]


Jim Thome

By Zach Beehler Up until this week only seven men in the history of the game of baseball had hit 600 home runs. Seven larger than life figures. Seven men whose place in baseball history will live forever. Ruth, the grandest of them all, possibly the biggest and brightest star the game has ever seen. Mays, Aaron and Griffey, three […]


NFL Season Preview: NFC Predictions

By Tyler Curtis I love the NFC. Sure, the top 6 AFC teams are better than the top 6 in the NFC, but the NFC is deeper from top to bottom in my opinion, which makes for a lot of parody. Unlike the AFC, it’s tough to predict the winner of every division. So, here […]