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NFC Season Preview

By Travis Wingfield Children are back in school, the preseason has concluded and everyone’s favorite time of year has returned. As the temperature begins to cool, the days become shorter and Sunday’s become temporarily pre-occupied, the National Football League is set to make its return. Like America’s greatest game, my commentary has been in hibernation […]

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NFL Mock Draft

By Travis Wingfield Most publications keep a running mock draft going from the time the season ends all the way up until the end of April when Roger Goodell steps to the podium. My only question is, why? Player’s jockeying for position, altercations, stock rising, and stock falling, do we really need 15 versions of […]


Mariners Season Preview

By Travis Wingfield When Jack Zduriencik took over the general manager job for the Mariners in 2008, he vowed a commitment to quality drafting, player development and a rich farm system. The days of dishing out big money contracts to the likes of Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre are a thing of the past and […]


Wheel! Of! Quarterbacks!

By Travis Wingfield The Bleacher Beat couldn’t find it in the budget to hire Vanna White to don a breath-taking evening gown whilst bringing darkened quarterbacks to light with the simple grace of her index finger. We can, however, tell you where this year’s crop of coveted signal callers will be playing football in 2012 […]


2012 AFC East Capsule

By Travis Wingfield Wrapping up the 2012 edition of team capsules is the persistent and consistent AFC East. A division long dominated by the New England Patriots, filled by a loud mouth head coach that fails to back up his promises, and two franchises that had been muddling in mediocrity for the better part of […]


2012 AFC North Capsule

By Travis Wingfield The only division in the AFC that hosts two premiere franchises capable of contending for Lombardi Trophies year in and year out is the AFC North. In 2011, that statement proved true as the Baltimore Ravens were a Lee Evans drop from playing in the Super Bowl and the Pittsburgh Steelers challenged […]


2012 AFC South Capsule

By Travis Wingfield In what was once a division dominated by one team and one player in particular, one significant injury caused a major shift in the AFC South. Peyton Manning goes out with a serious injury and the Colts organization crumbles from top to bottom, the Texans defense witnesses a major turnaround under Wade […]


2012 AFC West Capsule

By Travis Wingfield In what has become the most talked about group of mediocre teams in any sport, the AFC West is big on the bark, but comes up short on the bite. The Chargers are a notorious annual let down, the Raiders like to play musical chairs at the head coaching position, the Chiefs […]