By Zach Beehler Famed sportswriter Bill Simmons once told a story in one of his columns. He was recounting an experience he had during an NBA All-Star Weekend with William Wesley, one of the most powerful men around the game of basketball. He’s referred to as Uncle Wes by NBA players, and when he talks […]


By Zach Beehler There are certain things in life that resonate with us at precisely the right moment in our lives. They end up meaning more to us because of that. I was the same age as Harry Potter growing up, and naturally the characters in that series became more than just words on a […]


By Zach Beehler The advances in technology brought to this world by the invention of the internet have been profound. I can communicate with someone across the world from the comfort of my desk chair, and we can even talk face to face. Thanks to Google Maps I will almost never be lost, and for […]


By Zach Beehler I hate that guy, but damn it I respect him. We’ve all encountered that person at one point or another. Perhaps it was  a kid on an athletic field who was just a shade better than you, or maybe it was a co-worker who did their job just a tad more efficiently, […]