Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars 12-1-2013

By Zach Beehler Earlier today the National Football League upheld its yearlong suspension of Cleveland Browns star wide receiver Josh Gordon for repeatedly violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Gordon has been suspended for smoking marijuana. He’s had several run-ins with the law and substance abuse problems since his college days, and had been suspended […]

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A to Z - Season Pilot

By Zach Beehler  Each fall we are bombarded by seemingly hundreds of new television shows. Some of them stick, fewer are great, and most of them suck. It’s usually impossible to tell which of those categories a show will fall into after just one episode so I won’t be doing that here. NBC inked a […]

Rays Mariners Baseball

By Zach Beehler  Calling all bandwagon Seattle sports fans! The ballplayers of your Seattle Mariners are in the midst of their first playoff race in a decade and it’s time you start paying attention. Over the last 10 years public interest in the M’s has waned to Major League Soccer levels. Hold on as I […]


By Zach Beehler A lot of people have tried to make the world laugh. Few have succeeded. Even fewer did it as well as Robin Williams. He’s left this earth at the all-too-soon age of 63 by his own hand. He was a brilliant mind, and as it turns out, a tortured one. A lot […]