By Zach Beehler There are certain things in life that resonate with us at precisely the right moment in our lives. They end up meaning more to us because of that. I was the same age as Harry Potter growing up, and naturally the characters in that series became more than just words on a […]


By Zach Beehler The advances in technology brought to this world by the invention of the internet have been profound. I can communicate with someone across the world from the comfort of my desk chair, and we can even talk face to face. Thanks to Google Maps I will almost never be lost, and for […]


By Zach Beehler I hate that guy, but damn it I respect him. We’ve all encountered that person at one point or another. Perhaps it was  a kid on an athletic field who was just a shade better than you, or maybe it was a co-worker who did their job just a tad more efficiently, […]


Dear Mr. Alex Rodriguez, Please go away and never come back. You can keep your hundreds of millions of dirty dollars and those 654 tainted homeruns. The game of baseball has no use or desire for your services at this time or anytime in the future. Signed, The sporting community Lather, rinse, repeat. Cheat, lie, […]