By Zach Beehler The NFL season is nearly complete with just one final game left between the 2014 campaign and the history books. The Super Bowl pits the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks against a three-time winner in the New England Patriots. There are many storylines that will surely be beaten into the ground […]


By Zach Beehler Because the emotional distress of the NFC Championship Game probably took three years off all Seahawks and Packers fans’ lives I decided to relive that ulcer-inducing game with a retro running-diary. Feel free to experience the colonoscopy that was Sunday’s game again right along side me. Six minutes in, first quarter: “Well […]


By Zach Beehler I never met the man, but few people impacted my early life the way Stuart Scott did. As a child, life can be like a revolving door of sorts. We switch friends, schools, sports teams seemingly at the turn of the seasons, but Scott was always a constant. I was a 90’s […]


By Zach Beehler Many sharp people throughout the course of history have made the point I’m about to, but still I’m going to rehash it here: We come into this world alone, and we leave it alone. Professional athletes’ careers are a lot like miniature lives. They’re born, they grow, they peak, and then they […]